Standard  Parakeets
Color Referance only.
These exact birds are not available.
The birds are Not tame.
This coloring has a lot of yellow.  Green color can be light or dark very little to nun at all. Some will have a lot of dark markings and some with very little.  These pictures can give you ideas on the different shads. 

$35 ea.
Green parakeets may have black markings on the head or it can be all yellow. The green can be bright or it can be a dark Army green (Cinnamon green).

$33 ea. Bright Green
$35 ea. Dark army green.
Yellow Parakeet. Could be a dark yellow or light yellow.

$33 ea.
White parakeet and White parakeets that have a glow of teal as the light hits them. The amount of teal being seen varys with each bird. Some doesn't show up until the bird matures fully.
Might have red or black eyes.

$35 ea. All white
$40 ea. White w/ teal glow.  
White blue with a pattern of black markings.
Blue can be a Teal color or a violet/royal color.

$33 ea. Light Blue/Teal
$35 ea. Violet/Royal Blue
Light Blue, white and some black patterns.
Most of the time the blue is a light color and can have patches of white mixed in it. The head can look mostly white with a greyish/black bar markings.

$38 ea.
Violet/Royal Blue with mostly white head.
The amount of violet can vary for each bird. The head is mostly white with some bar markings.

$65 ea.
Blue parakeet can be a Teal color or a violet/royal blue.
The head has black barring.

$33 ea. Teal
$35 ea. Blue, violet/royal
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Package Deals!!
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1. Purchase 10 parakeets for a total price of $140 ($14 ea.)
2. Purchase 50 parakeets for a total price of $500 ($10 ea.)
3. Purchase 100 parakeets for a total price of $800 ($8 ea.)

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