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Rescued Birds.
This page is dedicated to all of the rescued birds that are in need of finding forever homes. Saying rescue does not mean that the birds are in bad condition. Some owners gave their birds nothing but love  and for some reason can no longer care for them. The birds could be young or old may have a birth defect or in perfect health choose the one that fits your heart the best. For these birds going into their next homes should be their forever home. I try to bring in only healthy birds but it will be the buyers responsibility to get the bird any medical attention if needed. 
Thank you for considering one of these birds.
God Bless each and every one of you.
Ringneck Doves

No Guarantee on their genders.

Because of the amount of Doves that I have available I will not be able to post every picture of them. The pictures that I do have posted may not be the actual bird for sale it's showing you the color that's available. 

Thank you.

This is a very beautiful bird.
 I just love this color. 
$25 ea.
Dark or Light Wild color
Wild colors come in this color dark or they can be lighter. I believe I have more lighter color wilds. 
$25 ea.
4 or more on Sale for ~$15 ea.
8 or more on Sale for $10 ea.
Beautiful color. A lot of young birds available.
Sale $25 ea
4 or more on Sale for $15 ea.
8 or more on Sale for $10 ea.
Bantam Chickens
Bantam  Chickens
I'm finally ready to let this pair of chickens go. This is the last of the chickens I've gotten from my Father that passed away in 2015. My Dad was big time in coming up with new colors for his birds.  So he took this color/markings from a Old English and worked on it for several years to be able to copy the color to put on a Rosecomb. 
Rosecomb were my Dad's favorite type of chicken.  

$35 pair
Umbrella  Cockatoo
Umbrella Cockatoo
Date of Birth unknown
This is one of the hardest things I'm having to do is to find him a forever home. He came to me years ago as a rescue. He would pluck at his feathers on his chest. He has gotten so much better that he doesn't do that as much anymore.  Such a funny and energetic bird that totally loves getting attention. This is a loud bird so before you consider getting him make sure your able to deal with the noise. When he's out of his cage or around you he's not as loud. Most of the time he would get loud because he wants to get your attention. He loves to be the center of attention. Does talk and says stuff like: peck a boo, hello, his name, good bye. No bad words. He loves to hop across the couch or run along the carpet floor with his beak sliding across the floor as he runs.  I will cry when he goes because I just love this little guy. So why am I getting rid of him? I just don't have any extra time to give him because of the amount of birds that I have. I just feel he would be happier with someone that will give him full attention. I will not ship him because I want to meet you one on one.  When he gets scared or meeting new people he can be very quiet and or run from you. So this is a bird you want to warm up slowly too. He loves to be talked too. Once he feels relaxed he'll start showing off for you and then he'll come up to the cage for you to pet him. He steps up nicely and sometimes he'll stick his foot outside the cage to try and step up for you even though he's inside the cage. If you have a baseball cap on he will try to sneak over to try and take the hat from you. He's just so funny with the things he does.  If your serious on giving him a forever home then please let me know and a appointment will be set up for you to come visit him.
 on the Rescue Doves.
For unsexed birds I will take $10 off the Regular price of the bird.
Lovebird  Pair
Peachface Lovebirds
This is a bonded pair. 
They have had babies before. 
The pair is around 2 years old.
Not Tame.
$150 pair