This page was last updated: January 14, 2021
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Rescued Birds.
This page is dedicated to all of the rescued birds that are in need of finding forever homes. Saying rescue does not mean that the birds are in bad condition. Some owners gave their birds nothing but love  and for some reason can no longer care for them. The birds could be young or old may have a birth defect or in perfect health choose the one that fits your heart the best. For these birds going into their next homes should be their forever home. I try to bring in only healthy birds but it will be the buyers responsibility to get the bird any extra medical attention if needed. 
Thank you for considering one of these birds.
God Bless each and every one of you.
Cockatiel Pair
​One cockatiel is a lutino and the other bird is a lutino cinnamon pied. Beautiful birds. This pair will need extra care. The lutino that I believe is a female is blind and she relies on the male cinnamon pied for company and guidance. She will need a nest box (not for breeding. I do not recommend that) or some type of hut that she can go into. I believe too much light makes her uncomfortable. The cage has to be set up simple something that she can remember where everything is. They're both water bottle trained. They eat a zupreem fruit flavor pellets along with a good seed mix like Higgins. I want this pair to go to someone that wants to give them a good life. Like I said not for breeding and I don't want them to be separated. They've been together for a few years. As for the age of the birds it's unknown. I'm guessing they're around 5 years old. 
Not Tame. I believe this bird could be a male but no DNA was done. This is a beautiful lutino. The bird is water bottle trained and will eat zupreem fruit flavor pellets and a good seed mix like Higgins.
This bird I do not recommend for breeding.  
He looks and acts totally normal. But if he gets excited/scared he will twist his head back. He just does this every now and then. I think the bird was born this way. The age of the bird is unknown but was told the bird is only a year old. 
Sky Blue
The soft blue reminds me of the sky. This is a male and he's not tame.  He is missing toes. One foot has no toes. He perches and climbs just fine. Very active little bird and seems very curious on whatever you might be doing. The bird is water bottle trained and eats a good seed mixture with some pellets. Mainly give him a higgins brand. I was told the age of this bird is around 3 years old.