Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as Doves, Matthew 10:16
Asking for donations is never a easy thing to do. This job I put my heart in it. The birds are well taking care of and loved. I will also try to help anyone out that can not care for their birds any longer. I've also been called in to do some rescues and some of these I've cried over but with my care along with the care of the vet most of them make a full recovery. In time I've been able to find wonderful homes and some will live here for the rest of their life. With your donations every bit of that will go towards the care of these birds. 
Thank you and God Bless each and every one.
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Aviary's are closed to the public.  The reason for this is my birds are used to seeing me.  If a stranger comes in it can frighten the bird and cause them to brake their eggs or abandon the young.  I do have some birds that I will be able to show you.  Ask ahead of time before your appointment and I will let you know what I can show.


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Ringneck Doves
Gift Certificates now available.
My youngest daughter Jessica, 12 yr's old. Has won Champion in the Ringneck Doves. Sept 2011
Jessica walking away with her second win for Champion of the show in the Ringneck Doves.  Yep, she beet me. There's no living with her now.  :)

This page was last updated: November 19, 2023
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If you have any questions, please ask.
No Guarantee on the Sex of the Young Doves. Some are just too young to tell right now but I will give you my honest opinion on what I think the bird will be. Until they are proven I can not guarantee the sex.
Congratulations to my two girls for winning Champion in the Ringneck Dove and Champion in the Diamond Dove. 
My oldest girl wasn't here on this day to receive her trophy. 
Prices are based on color/bloodline of the bird. I have a lot of birds with Champion bloodline.
Did you know? The doves got their name "Ringneck Dove" from the ring on their necks. But did you know that all Ringneck Doves have a ring. It can be a black, grey or white ring. Even a white Ringneck Dove has a ring and it's a white ring making it hard to see. 
Ringneck Doves DO NOT Breed for life.
Ringneck Doves make wonderful pets. They're so easy to tame at any age. 
Makes a great first time bird owner. 
Taking care of Ringneck Doves:
1.) They will eat a good seed mix or a pellet diet. Try different fruits and veggies as well.
2.)You can teach them to drink from a water bottle. My doves are already trained to do this.  Water bottles are a lot healthier.
3.) Doves require a grit / crushed oyster shell mix. This should be in a separate dish and filled when needed. Because Doves do not chew up their seeds the grit is what will help  brake up and digest the food properly while also added calcium from the oyster shells. Females have to have added calcium to their diet for egg laying.
4.) Doves enjoy swings and could peak at toys with bells. They do not chew on toys but they do enjoy having them in their cage.
DNA's are available.
I can run a Blood DNA on any bird that your interested in. The fee for this is $30 per bird. You would also receive a Nice Certificate with the results on it.
Ringneck Doves:
​Also known as the Cape Turtle Dove or Half-collared dove, is a widespread and often abundant dove species in East and Southern Africa. 
They get their name from the half ring on the bottom of there neck. This color can range from being Black, Grey or White.
Ring-Necked Dove has been domesticated for over 2000 years. 
Temperament:  For the person that's looking for a more laid~back birdDoves are a great match for this.  They're the easiest birds to handle and care forYou never have to worry about the bird biting you or having a bad day. It takes no time to for the bird to become your best friend. Doves will go to anyone and they're great listeners. You'll enjoy petting their super soft feathers. Males can be a little more active and their cooing sounds can be a little louder than Females. Very easy to trainYou can have them hang out on a bird stand of your choice when you're not handling them
They hardly have any health problems. 
Life span: 10 - 20 years. 
Size: 9.8 ~ 10.4 inches long and Weigh 3.2 ~ 6.6 oz.
Diet: They feed mainly on seeds, grains and insects on occasion (termites, weevils and others). Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for them as well.
 Like all birds Research the correct/Safe Fruits and veggies. 
Digestion: Grit and Crushed Oyster Shells are needed in a small dish at all timesNOT mixed in with their food. Because Doves swallow their food whole they need to give this grit to help them digest the food properly by the grit breaking the food up for them. The crushed oyster shells help with digestion as well but this will give them that extra calcium that helps with healthy bones and helps the female for egg laying.
Water: All types of Water is OK for your bird to drink. But drinking their water from a Water Bottle is a lot healthier for your bird. A dish of water can be fun for the bird to bathe in and sometimes they'll poop in the water. So you definitely don't want the bird to drink from this dish. 
Hand Raised Pied Ringneck Dove

D.O.B. June 15, 2023

Weaned and ready to spoil you!!!
The color of the bird may change a little more until the bird matures. Right now the color of the bird is a wild color Pied. What that means is the bird should be mostly white with some different shades of a brown color. Very Beautiful bird.
This is absolutely the sweetest bird.
The bird loves to get attention from anyone. Doves aren't a one person owner, they go to anyone that wants to give them attention. Super easy to care for. Great for first time bird owners. The bird will step up and as you can see loves to show off his wings. 
Once you see these doves in person is when you'll truly understand how awesome they are.

Hand Raised ~ Tangerine Ringneck Dove

D.O.B. June 16, 2023

Weaned and ready to spoil you!!
She's a very sweet bird that will step up and hang out with you. She'll go to anyone that wants to give her attention. Loves being out of the cage and loves to walk around to check things out. They can be very curious birds. A nice calm bird just to hang out with you while you're watching TV or reading a book. Set up an appointment so you can see how wonderful birds these are.
Parent Raised Ringneck Doves
Young Wild Color
Date of Hatch: Aug. 13, 2023
This bird is already for a new home. The color is still coming in as the bird finishes up on maturing. 
Gender unknown
I have a lot of Doves available for sale.
Just haven't had the chance to post them.
Please call or text if your interested in getting a dove.