This is a really nice cage. This cage has a play top. You can open in up for your bird to hang out on or keep it closed. The front door opens wide. There is a food and water dish doors. The cage comes with  two perches, one large and a smaller one for the play top. It also comes with food and water dishes. This cage is on a stand. The stand has a shelf on it for your birds supplies. This is also on wheels for easy moving. 
Size of the cage 24" x 16" x 53" H. 
Colors in Black or white. 
$133 ea. New lower prices.  Out of stock
These Can Be Ordered if your interested in this cage.
 Larger playtop cage. Size is  20" x 20" x 57".  Comes in  black or white. 
$138 ea. New lower prices... out of stock ~ Lg cage
This is a really nice dome top cage. The front door opens up large and has a smaller door in the center of it. There are a food a water dish doors. The cage comes with one perch, food and water dish.  The cage is on a stand. The stand is on wheels for easy moving and has a shelf for your birds supplies. 
Colors: in black or white. 
 Size of cage is 20" x 20" x 60" H. 
$140 ea.  New lower price.
1 Black cage in stock
Comes in Black or white 
Can Be Ordered
This is a breeders cage. It has doors on the sides so you can add a nest box if you like. The front center door open up wide and has a smaller door in the center. It has two small doors for the food and water dish. It comes with two perches, food and water dish. This cage comes in black or white. 
Size of this cage is
 24" x 16" x 16" H.  
$35 ea. only have this in white.
I have some used cages like this. Prices vary on condition and what all it might have with it.
$25 ea.
This cage is a divider cage. You can have one cage or make it into two. Comes with the divider. Has a two large doors and four smaller doors. Comes with perches, food and water dishes. Comes in black or white. 
Size 24" x 16" x 16" H. 
$40 ea. Only have this in white.
I have some used cages of this type. Prices vary on condition and if it's missing anything.
$15 up to $25 ea. 
New Item
Cute little house looking cages. This is a small cage. Good for small birds or to be used as a travel cage. Comes with food/water dishes, perches and a swing.
$15 ea. comes in different colors.
I keep limited amounts of these cages. Comes in different colors. 
8 1/2 " x  6" x 7 1/2 " H. 
$5 ea. Clearance
This is a nice cage that small to medium size birds can fit in. Has one center door. Size 
11" x 7" x 5" H.
$7 ea.
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New Bird Stand
This is a nice stand for all types of birds. Comes on wheels for easy moving. 
Has two dishes on the perch.
Easy to clean. 
23" x 47" H.
$30  only 1 left
email me
Special order
This is nice strong frame cage.  There's a playtop on the top of this cage. It has three feeder doors. Comes with the three dishes. This cage has a seed skirt. This helps when the birds kick out seeds so it will not go to the floor. The cage is on a strong stand with wheels. There's a shelf for storage.
colors come in silver vein or black vein. 
Measures 21" x 17" x 64" H.
$160 plus shipping
Cute little small cages. Comes in three different colors pink, white and blue. Has a perch, swing, pull out tray, food and water dish. Size 9" x 7" x 11.5" H. 
$10 ea. In stock
Nice little cages. Comes in white, blue and green. Has a perch, pull out tray, food and water dish. 
Measures 10.5" x 9" x 9.5" H. 
$9 ea. 
limited supply
NEW Item
This is a nice small cage that can be used for small birds or maybe a cage used to transport your bird to a friends house or to take on a trip. If you decide to put a cockatiel in this cage this would only be a temporary travel cage. It's too small to keep that size bird in it. If you do take a trip just make sure to give your bird plenty of time out of the cage for exercise. Comes with food/water dishes, perches and a swing.
$12 ea. sold out
24" x 16" x 53" H
20" x 20" x  57" H
Special Order
This is a awesome cage with a removable playtop. It also has a seed skirt. Everything you need in a good looking cage. Three doors with dishes. One large door in the front. It also has a extra door in case you want to put a nest box on it. 

Size 18" x 18" x 56" H.  $150 plus shipping
     Size 24" x 22" x 60" H.  $205 plus shipping
Size 32" x 22" x69"H   $218 plus shipping
Colors: Silver vein or black vein
Great size and style
This is a new type of cage that I've never sold before and I love it. It's perfect for cockatiels and smaller birds. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's a nice fat looking cage giving the birds plenty of room to move around. Oh I almost forgot right on the smallest roof top has a side door that you just drop it open and the bird is able to climb out onto the roof. Remember inside the cage isn't the only place you can hang your toys or perches. I sell cage top perches that are branches that would work perfect for this type of cage. So when your bird comes out of it's cage it's able to climb up onto this perch and anything else you put on it. On the front of the cage has a drop door and two smaller doors for your food and water dishes. The dishes are really nice as well. Looks to be made strong and it has a cover to help with spills. This cage is well worth it. Size 26" L x 14" W x 25" H
 $55 ea. Both colors are in stock
New Cages
Medium Size Cages
New Small Cages and Perfect Carrier Cages.
If you don't see what your looking for let me know. It's possible I can order the cage you want and even have it delivered to your home. (only certain cages apply on delivery).  I'm always getting some type of cages in so it's possible they don't all get posted on this page. Set up an appointment and come take a look at what all I have available. 
Thank you very much for your business. 
Portable Play Top...
Full of bright colors this play top has a ladder and a swing along with some places to perch on.  The floor of this is designed to help make clean ups a lot easier.
$20 ea.
in stock
Plastic tanks
This is perfect for baby birds that need to be kept warm Or you can use this for just about anything. 
9" x 6" x 6" H.
$10 ea. Only 1 in stock.
$15 ea. on the larger one. Out of Stock
Portable Carrier for just about anything.
18" x 11" x 11" H. 
$25 ea. Only have two available. 
Affordable Cages
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Good carrier cage.
This is a very simple carrier cage. Maybe you would like to take your bird for a wellness check up with the vet. This is perfect for it. Now the carrier just has a wire floor. You can cut a piece of cardboard like what I did in the green cage and place it inside and this makes a good floor. Place a napkin on top of it if you like. They come in three different colors: white, blue and green. 
$6 ea Lower price
Play Stands and Play Tops
6 in 1 Perch...
Now how cool is this. You can make 6 different styles with this one box.  I put some examples of some of the things you can make. I would say this would be good for a small to medium bird.
I can ship this to you.
$12 ea.  Sale $10 ea.
Solid Wood Portable Play Tops.
Two different sizes available. This is made out of solid wood with a very natural color look to it. It has two dishes for you to add some special treats for your bird.
Small size (small to med size birds) $30
Med size (med size birds and up)    $45
Out of Stock
New Item..
It has two perches, a food and water dish with covers over them to help with spills, pull out tray to make cleaning the cage easy. On the top side of the cage has a door that you can open for your bird to come out on the top of cage. The front door lays down like a bridge for your bird to come out on.
$45 ea. In stock
Only 1 in stock. Color is blue and black.
Photo by Sissy
New Item
This is the cutest little carriers. I just fell in love with them and wanted to offer them to you. This is a perfect carrier for a small bird. It has a perch and a cup to put some water or food in it. Big handle to carrier it by. Has one big door in the center to make it easy to catch you bird. To clean this carrier couldn't be any simpler. Just lift the plastic clip on both sides and the cage part will lift right off of the bottom part of the cage making it easy to clean.
$9 ea. Comes in pink, blue and green.
Awesome Cage
This is a nice style cage. Good for small to a med size bird. Three doors. Has two long perches and two short perches. Food/water dishes with covers. Easy pull out tray for cleaning. Comes in two different colors.
$50 ea. two sold out
Nice size cage
This is a cage with style. It's a two tone cage that's black and blue or black and yellow. Good for small to medium size birds. Has two perches, food/water dishes with covers. Easy to pull out tray for cleaning. There is a door for each dish along with two big doors located in the center upper and lower part of the cage. Now these big doors will either slide up and down or you can lay the doors out like a bridge for you bird to come out on. 
 Sold out
New Item
This is a nice size crate for a large bird or for another type of animal. The crate has one large door in the center and has a tray on the floor of the cage. You also have a handle on top of the crate that is easy to remove if you need to collapse the cage down. It's very easy to store away when you collapse it. 
Size is 30" x 18" x 21" H. Comes in white only
$70 sold out ~ can order at your request
I have used ones in a black color but in different sizes.
A Great simple Cage
This is a new style of cage that I wanted to try out. It's a very simple cage. Perfect for a cockatiel or smaller bird. The cages comes in 4 different colors. It has a large front door that you can open up to allow your bird to come out of it's cage at ease. This large door also helps in cleaning or changing toys around. Two smaller doors on the front as well is for your food and water dishes. The dishes look to be well made and it has a cover over each dish to help from spills that your bird may do. Another thing to keep in mind this cage has a nice flat top that makes it easy to add your cage top branch perches and anything else to make it fun for your bird. 
Size 16" L x 16" D x      H ~ 1/2 " wire spacing.
Only 4  In stock  $36 ea.
New Item!
These are some nice little cages for small birds.  It's got a cool looking shape to it. Comes with a swing. The food and water dishes are held on the outside of the cage and the door is spring loaded that holds the dishes in place. The design of the dishes helps to keep the birds from making a mess with the food or water. This cage also has a drop door on the front that you can drop open for your bird to come out freely. Comes in 3 different colors.
$28 ea. In Stock
Awesome Cage.
This is a heavy duty cage. Well made and super heavy. 
The cage can be removed from the stand if needed. You have a playtop that you can open or keep closed. The food and water doors open on the outside. One large door up front. Easy to pull out tray and grid. 
Measurements: 24"w x 18"d x 53"with top closed, 59" with top open.
Bar Spacing 1/2" and bar thickness 3mm.
Colors: Black vein, Silver vein, brass and green.
$178  I have 1 in stock right now. 
Can be ordered.

Can be shipped to you.
Awesome Cage with Different design
This cage is heavy duty and pretty heavy. 
Cage can be easily taken off of the stand if neededPlaytop that you can open or leave shut. The food and water doors open up on the outside. Has one large door in the front. 
Easy to remove the tray and grid for cleaning.
Measurements: 24"w x 18"d x 55 1/2" with top closed, 60" with playtop open.
Bar spacing 1/2" and Bar thickness 3mm.
Colors: Black vein, Silver vein, Brass and Green.
$181 Out of Stock
Can Be Ordered
Corner Cage w/ Playtop
Push this cage right in the corner of your room. Has a large front door with a food and water door that you open on the outside. 
Easy to pull out tray and grid. Also has a pull out tray for the playtop. 
Measurements: 37 1/2"w x 25"d x 63" tall with playtop.
 Out of Stock
Can be Ordered

Special Order Cages...
 If you see a cage that you would like to purchase just let me know.  I can order the cage and have it sent right to your home. Shipping prices can vary and I will not know the exact amount until the order has been placed. If you have any questions on this please let me know. Keep in mind when ordering these cages you will need to put them together so some tools will be needed. 
Used and Clearance Cages
All used cages has been power washed. If you purchase a used cage make sure you take the time to clean it one more time real good before you place your birds in it. Also all clearance/used cages are sold as is.
This is a really nice cage that you can put small to medium size birds in. One large door on the front with four smaller doors including four dishes.  Also a small door on each side of the cage. This door is used for a nest box. Two perches. Cage is on a stand with wheels making it easy to move around. 
Measurements: Cage only 30" x 18" x 36"H
Overall Height is 64" H.
Colors: Black Vein, Cream, Grey or Green.
This cage can be ordered and shipped to your home if needed.
$130 Out of stock
Can Be Ordered
2 for 1 Cage
What I mean by 2 for 1 cage is you would be buying one big cage that you can make that one cage into a smaller cage just by taking away the middle section of the big cage. Just like it's pictured. This makes it perfect for trips or needing someone to watch your bird while your away. Giving the bird sitter the smaller part of the cage. 
The cage comes in three different styles like pictured. 
The stands are sold separate.
Stand Colors: Black or White
Color of Cages: White or Black
Measurements: 18" x 14" x 35"H.
Comes with 3 perches and 4 feed cups.
Large door in the center of each section that opens up. With a lot of smaller doors.
$46 Cage only. Out of stock 
Can be Ordered
$20 Stand OnlyWhite and Black stands are In stock.
Playtop Cage
This cage is good for a small or medium size bird. This is a playtop cage that you can open the top of the cage or leave it closed. A large door on the front of this cage can be opened up for easy cleaning or rearranging toys. 3 smaller doors with 2 dishes. One perch for the cage and one perch for the playtop. Easy pull out tray.  Stand is sold separate. 
Measurements: 18" x 14" x 21" H
$40 Cage onlyOnly 1 left in stock
$20 stand only. In stock