Payments, Guarantees and Shipping birds by the Post Office:
Shipping with the post office can be next day or second day delivery. Some birds can not be shipped with the post office and has to be shipped with Delta. Let me know what bird you want and I can tell you the way they can be shipped. A postal approved shipping box is used for live birds.
I have these boxes on hand and the fee for these will be added to your total price. 
Postal approved shipping boxes with added hardware is $35 ea. 
In this box I will put food and water to help the birds out for their trip. 
I will need your Name, Address (Your address NOT the address of your post office) and a Phone  # to put on the shipping box. 
The post office will call you when the bird/s arriveYou will need to go to the post office to sign for the birds. Most of the time the birds are loose in the box, so please be careful when you open the box up. A lot of times when a bird is being shipped they will be very quiet and won't move around much in the box. If you receive your bird and the post office tells you that they haven't moved or made any sounds DON'T worry until you look inside the box. The post office is used to noisy baby chicks that are famous for being shipped and they seem to want to compare.  
To get you set up for shipping I will need your zip code first to look up the shipping cost. 

Shipping with Delta:
The fastest way to ship a bird is with Delta. This is normally same day shipping.  You will need to let me know the name of the airport that is closest to you that Delta will go to. After that I will call my airport to set up a time to ship the birds out. Sometimes I can send them out in a day or sometimes in a week. It all depends on how booked they are. Shipping with Delta you will get a New carrier cage. This you can use over for you birds or for another pet you own. The price normally runs around $215 and up (this price could change without notice, but it's been this price for years)
 the birds are not included in this price.  Shipping with different airlines could have higher prices.  
Extra Insurance is available at a extra fee.

Paying for your shipping:
Before I can ship any birds you will need to pay for the birds and shipping. 
The fastest way to pay for this is a PayPal invoice that I will email to you
Paypal has a small charge for using there service.   I No longer accept money orders or any personal checks.

Although it's hard to guarantee any bird due to the fact I have no idea what type of care you will give to your bird. I have heard of customers errors with their birds so please contact me if you have any questions regarding your birds care. When picking a bird up in person I will take the time to go over everything dealing with your birds care. And because of this all birds are sold as is.  If you ever have a question about your birds you are more than welcome to give me a call or text/e-mail me. I will give you more information on your bird and the care of it more than any pet shop will. The birds I raise get a lot of attention and are well taking care of. I can also give you the history of your bird. I am one of the most reliable breeder that you will ever meet. I'm honest with you from the start. Veterinary checkup on your bird is available at your expense. When you pick up the birds they become your responsibility. You will need to feed them the proper food and give them water. It's always best to buy some of the food from me that the bird is used too and either you can keep buying the food from me that I can ship to you or you can wean them off onto the type you want to use.  If being shipped it's up to the post office or Delta to get them to you safely.  If there is any problems with the shipping you will need to talk with the post office or delta to handle the problem. You will receive all the information on tracking #'s or flight #'s.  Out of all of the many years that I've been shipping birds the only problem that has ever came up was they arrived a little late. This has only happened a couple of times and each time the birds were still safe .  I place a small cup of water and food in the shipping box with the birds. So if any birds are late at least they have what they need to survive. Birds handle shipping very well and you don't need to worry about it. I will answer any and all questions you might have. 

Buying a bird from me:
Once you have paid for your bird in full you have within a week to set up a time to pick up your bird or to have your bird shipped. If you do not pick up your bird or get a time set up for shipping after your week you would lose all the money that you invested in on your bird and it will be used as a donation along with your bird would go back up for sale. The Reason for this is because I do not have the extra room to hold birds and then sometimes people have a hard time figuring out when to get the bird. Holding a bird longer still costs me money for the care of that bird. So once you have paid for your bird you are agreeing with all the terms that go along with the purchase and with shipping. When you buy a bird from me I will offer you nail and wing clippings for the life of your bird for only a $15 donation per bird. I will also be more than happy to look the bird over. I can check for bird lice or mites. I will also let you know how your bird looks to me on it's health. I am not a vet so if you have any problems with your bird take the bird to someone that can really help you. I would rather no sick birds be brought on my property just because I can not afford for my birds to catch it. 

Putting a deposit down on a bird:
The deposit price will vary depending on the type of bird you want to buy. Putting a non refundable deposit down on the bird that you pick and agree on. Once the deposit has been made it can not be switched for a different bird and you can not get a refund on your deposit. The reason for that is once you place that bird on hold I do not advertise the bird on any other sites and or if it has already been advertised before your deposit and someone calls on that bird I will let them know that bird is not available and will try to sell them a different one. Now once your deposit has been made that bird is held for you. When the bird is weaned you will have that week to pick up the bird and pay the remaining balance.  If you do not pick up the bird within that time you will loose your deposit and the bird will go back up for sale. 

Knowing the gender of your bird:
Some birds are easy to tell but others need time or DNA. I will DNA your bird for $30 and up depending on type of bird. Doing this I will need to take blood or feathers if you prefer. Then I will send it off. I will get the answer back in about a week or sooner in a email. Then they will send a certificate if you request one in the mail to let you know the answer of your DNA. This takes about 2 weeks. DNA's are about 99.9% accurate. I will not guarantee any DNA's done because that's up to the lab to get that right. I've ran a lot of DNA in my time and have talked with the lab to make sure all is done correctly. If your DNA happens to be that .1% that turns out to be wrong I can not offer a refund on the price you paid for it. The money goes to the lab. 

Knowing the markings on birds:
When most birds are born they could be covered in a fuzz. As the bird gets older pin feathers will start to come in. This is when the guesswork starts on what markings the bird will have. I try to give you an idea on what the bird will be but it can't be guaranteed because all of the feathers are not fully in. Once all the feathers are in then I can let you know more on what that mutation is. Unfortunately I don't know all the names on some markings.  This also goes for some cockatiels that could have bald spots. Most of the time I will not know if the bird will have a bald spot until all the feathers have came in. Lutinos and some whitefaces could possibly have this problem more than other types. Make sure when you put down a deposit or purchase a bird that your totally happy with how the bird is. If you have a certain concern on the bird your looking for you will need to talk more with me so I can help you find the bird your interested in. I hope this helps you to understand more on birds. 

New ***** Gift Certificates are available.
I now offer Gift Certificates.  You can purchase them in $5 or up too $500 it's up too you.  These gift certificates are good for 1 yr after purchase. They can be used on anything that I sell, from birds to cages or supplies. They are not refundable and you have to spend the amount of the certificate no money will be given back.  This makes a perfect gift for someone special in your life. 

What the money goes to:
I have always loved birds and this has been my hobby since I was a child. It takes a lot of work and money for me to give the birds the care they need. I like for my birds to have a good mixture of seeds and pellets. I will also give them treats with fruits and vegetables in it. They get my mixture of grit, crushed oyster shells, and bird charcoal.  Fresh water for them to drink and a separate water dish to swim in. That dish is removed after bath time.  Birds can be so funny to watch when they get in the water.  All the birds and supplies that I sell go back to the birds to give them the care they need. I want to thank each and every one of you for your donations and sells. This really helps me to be able to continue with raising these birds and offering you the best prices available. 

Contact information:
Please No Calls after 8:00 PM Eastern Time

                 (804)241-4070 Cell (txt messages are welcomed. You will get a faster response this way)

All visits have to be done by appointments only.
8768 West River Rd.
Aylett, VA 23009.

I'm about 45 min's from Richmond VA.  Very easy to find.

No Public Restrooms.

              Aviary's are Closed to the Public.                     

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