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        I'm about 45 min's from Richmond, VA. Very easy to find.

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Aviary's are closed to the public.   My birds are used to seeing me everyday when someone new (strangers) comes in it scares them.  Scaring the birds can cause them to brake eggs or abandon the young.  This is why my aviary's are closed to the public. Not to mention the diseases that can be brought into my breeding areas from too much traffic walking in my buildings. Keeping my birds healthy and safe is my main priority.
Asking for Donations is never a easy thing to do. The birds are my full time job. And with this job I try to be here for everyone even the ones that can no longer care for their birds. I've done a lot of rescues on birds. Some rescues brought tears to my eyes but after my care along with the care of a vet most of these birds make a wonderful recovery. Some birds I have found wonderful new homes for them as others will stay here for the rest of their life. Doing this gets very pricey and with your help I can continue to help others when in need.
Thank you for your Donations and God bless each and every one.
                            Questions and Answers!        If you have a Question just ask.

What does Hand feeding mean?
 Hand feeding is where I take the baby away from Mom and Dad and I take over feeding the babies. I buy baby food for them and they are syringe fed until they are old enough to eat on their own.

Will I sell a bird that needs to be hand fed? 
Yes, as long as you know how to do this. I take no responsibility for the bird if you do it wrong or don't know how to do it. I will be more than happy to show you how easy it is to do.  I want to make sure you feel comfortable about doing this and you know how too. I'm here if you need help. Just give me a call and I will be more than happy to give you some advise. 

What does being weaned mean?
This is when I no longer need to feed the babies with a syringe. They have learned how to eat on their own. 

Why doesn't some of these birds have all of their feathers?
Birds are born with no feathers. Some babies will have fuzz all over them were others will have nothing. As the birds get older the pin feathers will start to come in. 

What does Tame and Not Tame mean?
Tame is a bird that can be handled (held). Mostly hand raised birds are hand tame. They're used to being handled because of being hand fed. This makes it a lot easier for you to have a bird the way you want.
Not Tame means you could get bit. The bird has not been handled or worked with. It's not saying you will never be able to tame the bird it will just take some time and some Band-Aid (just kidding). Not tame birds are cheaper but is that what your really looking for. 

Breeding or Bonding pairs?
This means that the birds are bonded to each other and set up for breeding purposes and should not be separated. Buying a pair like this does not mean you have to breed them. They can just keep each other company. Again these birds are not tame meaning they can't be handled. 
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When you buy a bird from me. I offer nail and wing clippings for  only $15.00 ea bird per visit. (The first nail and wing clipping is free. This is done before you receive your bird.)  This is just a small donation that can go a long way when it comes to the care of my birds. I will also look over your bird. This is done by appointments only.  This offer is not for large birds. If you need your large bird looked over email me and we can talk about it. 
email me
DNA's are 99.9% accurate.  If a DNA is done I will not guarantee the results.  It's up to the lab to come up with their answer on it. The only true 100% guarantee on the gender is 
having the bird surgically sexed. This is done by a veterinarian

No Pets allowed on my property unless kept in your vehicle. You can not let them out to use the restroom on my property at all. Keeping my animals safe is most important. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
I'm a bird lover, my work is never done, my house is never quiet, my wallet is always empty but my heart is always full.
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No Public Restrooms
Hand Raised Parakeets
Standard American Parakeet
Shorter name for them are Keets. 
Native Region: Australia
Size: 6-7 inches from tip of beak to tip of tail.
Lifespan: up to 15 years
Noise level: low, frequent chattering.
Hand raised parakeets make wonderful pets. They have the ability to learn how to talk.
Sale Pending? ......
Sale Pending means that someone has placed a deposit down on a certain bird.  This will hold the bird until it's weaned. Once the bird is weaned then the customer has within that week to pay the remaining balance and pick up or have the bird shipped. If after that time payment is not made then the customer would loose it's deposit along with the bird going back up for sale.

DNA  Hold?......
You can put a DNA hold on any bird. Prices may vary depending on type of bird. 
Most birds are a $30 charge. Now this is only on birds that the DNA results have not came in yet. So if you only want a female and the results are not in, you would use the DNA hold. Now if the bird for say came back a male and you only wanted a female you have the choice to purchase the bird or to pass on it. If you pass you would loose your $30 fee because I held this bird for just you.

Knowing the Gender:
Knowing the gender of the young parakeets can be hard to tell on some of them. At a young age the cere (nose location) will start to change colors. I will do my best to figure it out for you but I can't guarantee it without a DNA.
Babies are born with fuzz all over them. As the bird gets older pin feathers will start to come in. Knowing the markings is just guesswork until the bird is fully feathered out. 
Thank You for your Donations!
I Always have babies hatching.
 If you don't see one that your looking for please let me know.
This is very important...
If your interested in getting one or more of the birds I have available you need to let me know as soon as possible so that you can place a Non~Refundable Deposit down.
 This is the only way you can truly have a bird on hold for yourself
 If a deposit is not placed then the next customer has the right to purchase the bird. 

If you have a DNA Hold on a bird then your also safe from anyone else purchasing the bird. The Hold is only good until the results come in. Once the results come in you have to let me know if your getting the bird or not. If your getting the bird then you will need to pay the remaining deposit fee to have the bird on hold for yourself until the bird is weaned. 

Please make sure that you have read the description of the bird before you place money down. 
Some birds can be tame, semi tame or not tame at all. 

If you have any questions regarding any of this please let me know.
Appointments  and  Shipping is Available.
are highly 
English Budgie also known for being called The Show Budgie
The fact about this breed has been through generations of selective breeding to create show quality. 
The English tends to be a much larger bird compared to the American Parakeet with more defined markings.
Looking at an English when the bird is relaxed the head tends to look much larger than the American Parakeets. 
English tends to be a quieter bird compared to the American Parakeet. They're easier to handle with some simple basic commands.

English Budgie compared to the American Parakeet
English   Budgie                                             American Parakeet
Height:               10-12 inches tall                                                  6-8 inches tall                             
Weight:               up to 2.1 ounces                                                  up to 1.4 ounces                         
                         Lifespan:            7-12 years                                                          8-15 years                                                            
D.O.B. Feb 8, 2022
Being hand raised and is almost weaned. I would expect any day now. 
This is a very sweet bird.
Enjoys getting attention and being out of it's cage.
Working with step up and is doing really well with it. 
Take a good look at the color of this bird. The bird has a hidden color that only comes out with certain lighting and with a cameras flash. This all white bird has hidden teal markings you can see around the tail feathers and neck area. As the bird gets older there could be more markings like this.
Right now the bird has a lot of pin feathers. Getting rid of all the baby fuzz.
Cool Markings
D.O.B. Nov. 21, 2021
Weaned and ready for a new home.
Very sweet bird. Enjoys being petted. 
Does great with step up.
I love the cool markings this bird has.
This is the perfect bonding age. Along with the best time to start teaching him to talk and training.
Looks like a Male
Harlequin Macaws
Only bred in captivity, it is very rare to find a harlequin macaw in the wild.
This bird is known as a first-generation hybrid because it comes from two "true" species of macaw, the Blue and Gold Macaw and the Greenwing Macaw. 
The result is a bird with the coloring and characteristics of both parent birds. 
Blue and Gold Macaws are normally 33 inches from beak to tail feathers. They typically weigh over 2 pounds.
My Blue and Gold Macaw that's the male (Father) is 41 inches from beak to tail feathers and weighs 3 3/4 pounds.
Greenwing Macaws are normally 40 inches from beak to tail feathers. They typically weigh 3 3/4 pounds.
Greenwing macaws are the second largest species of macaws in the world and has earned the name Gentle Giants.
My Greenwing Macaw that's the female (Mother) is 40 inches from beak to tail feathers and weights 3 1/2 pounds.​
While no two birds are the same, the cross from my pair will produce fairly large birds.
Size can range from 35 ~ 40 inches long from beak to tip of tail feathers as an adult. With a wingspan of  49 inches or more.
 Weighing around 2 1/2 ~ 3 3/4 pounds.
Temperament: They're known for having a laid-back and affectionate personalities. Harlequins are a good choice for those who would like a large bird with a calm demeanor. Highly intelligent and strikingly beautiful, comical yet affectionate. Tends to do well  with families. They thrive on socialization and a lot of interaction with other birds or people. With good speech abilities they can develop a vocabulary of 15 or so words with training. They can be taught fun tricks like waving, dancing, fetching, and more. 

Always do your homework before purchasing any bird to make sure it'll fit in with your family life. 
Birds have feelings too and a big heart. Lets give them the love and affection that they all deserve. 
So in picking out a good bird starts here. I give the birds so much love and affection that the birds learn to give that right back to you. When it's time for them to go into their new homes they have already started trying to talk. The first word coming from here is Mama. Melts your heart to hear that.
The price may seem high but when you're getting a healthy bird from the right breeder it's worth it. I raise my own birds here, I don't go out and buy them. This is an Awesome pair that give such amazing babies.  Babies normally wean around 15-19 weeks of age. Plenty of time for you to make payments if you need too. 

Harlequin Macaw Baby 1
D.O.B. Jan 8, 2022
Being hand fed.
Such a sweet bird.
I can clap my hands and hold them out to this bird and he'll come running. (I'm just going to call this bird a boy for now until the DNA's tell me otherwise. I hate calling a bird a it.) So funny watching them try to run to me when they're just figuring out how to do it. He loves to have his head scratched along with under his wings to his belly. He's getting so spoiled already or shall I say I'm the one getting spoiled by all the affection that they give. Truly some snuggle bugs and loves the attention. He's trying to find his voice now and when he hears me talking he wants to make noise too. I guess he's trying to copy me. LOL. 
Harlequins are truly the best Large bird that you can get. 
The DNA's have been done and I'm just waiting for the results to come in now. I will post it as soon as I know something.
with DNA
Harlequin Macaw Baby 2
D.O.B. Jan. 10, 2022
Being hand raised.
Such a sweet baby.
I'll get on the floor and be on my hands and knees the babies will run to snuggle up under me. They want to be petted and loved on. Just loves getting attention. She does get jealous when I play with the other one. She wants all the attention. LOL (Just going to call this bird a girl because I hate calling a bird a it. Once I get the DNA's in I'll make the correction then.)  She loves getting her head scratched and is starting to like having her belly rubbed. They're so much fun at this age and watching them grow up. Both of them are starting to find their own voice and it's cute to hear them.When they hear me talking they get all excited and let their voices be heard. 
Harlequins are so easy to spoil and train. 
​DNA's have been done and I'm just waiting for the results to come in.
with DNA
Harlequin Macaw
Hand Raised English Budgies
White and Blue
D.O.B. Dec. 11, 2021
Weaned and ready for a new home.
Still needs a little more training with step up.
Beautiful markings with different shades of blue.
Looks like a Female
I have more baby parakeets to post.
Going to check on Friday March 3 to see if any babies are ready to be pulled for me to take over hand feeding. 
Green Cheek Conure
Green Cheek Conure
Beautiful bird that was hand raised and is in need of a forever home. Almost a year old.
This bird loves to get attention and enjoys being out of it's cage. Green Cheeks are known for being a goofy bird just like a clown at times. They might not always sit on your shoulder like a normal bird would they could be hanging upside down on the center of your back or even sitting on top of your head. The bird can definitely keep you laughing. If your looking for a fun bird then this is the one for you.
Look at the beautiful colors.
English Budgie Female
D.O.B. Jan. 11, 2022
This bird was hand raised and is now fully weaned.
All ready for a forever loving home.
She knows step up and does really well with it. 
Very loving bird. She doesn't bite at all. Loves getting attention and to be out of her cage. Look how large she is. She has some absolutely amazing color patterns. So many different shades throughout her body.