New item...
Two different styles in stock
Hawaii style
pink pattern
$12 ea.
Snuggle Sack.
Different colors available
Small $8.00 ea
Med  $10.00 ea.
Large $13.00 ea.
Comfy Clam Flat calcium perch
This design of a flat perch has a good source of Kelp, Iodine and Calcium that your bird needs for good development. You can use it as a flat perch that the bird can chew on or turn it sideways. Comes in two different sizes small and large. The small is good for most of the birds. The large is for large birds. This piece is large and heavy. 
Small $6 ea. out of stock
Large $9 ea.  in stock
Bird Bath with mirror
This looks just like a bath tub that you can sit on the floor of the cage and place about a inch or water or less in it. The birds will see themselves in the mirror located on the floor of the bath tub. This can be a lot of fun for birds 8 months or older.
$5 ea. in stock
Mineral Blocks. 
Take your pick. Different kinds to choose from. You should put one of these in with your cuttlebone. All good calcium and good vitamins.
$2  and $3 ea.
Cuttlebones come from cuttlefish. Giving the birds the calcium they need. Females really need this for egg laying. 
Small size $3 ea. (all in stock)
Medium/Large size $4 ea.
Water Bottles
This is a lot healthier to put your birds on.
Small bottle 80 mi  $2.00 ea. in stock
Medium bottles 250 mi   $3.00 ea. sold out
Large bottles 500 mi   $5.00 ea. in stock
Waterier for vertical cage.
This is light weight and easy to use. Just fill it up with water and push into the wire of your cage. It's that easy.
$1.00 ea. Clearance
Small cups...
This is perfect to place on the floor of the cage to but the birds treats in.
$2 ea. in stock
Cuttlebone and Calcium Perch.
Calcium is needed for strong bones, proper muscle functions, and egg development. This is completely edible. Different flavors.
Small size 1/2" diameter x 5"        $12 ea.
           (sm in stock)
Medium size 1" diameter x 7"       $14 ea.
          (Med in stock)
Large size 1 3/4" diameter x 11"   $16 ea.
           (Lg sold out)
Spray millet treats
$3 ea. 
in stock
Lice and Mite spray. This is a good thing to have on hand. You never know when you will need it. 
$6 ea. in stock
This page was last updated: March 1, 2018
Good for birds beak and nails.
Ex small $5 ea. in stock
Small $7 ea. in stock
Medium $8 ea. in stock
Large $18 ea. sold out
I want to thank everyone that has bought birds and supplies from me.

On occasions I have been called to rescue some birds that are in need of help. My heart is always open to give care to the birds in need. Caring for a rescue bird can get pricey from having cages ready, having the right type of food along with any vet care. Rescued birds have a private building that's heated and has AC. With your Donations I can help care for these birds to be able in time to find them forever loving homes. 
100% of all donations will go to the care of these birds. 
Thank you for your help. God Bless each and every one.
                                          Open 7 days a week 
                            By Appointments Only!

                        No Calls after 8:00 PM Eastern time.
                                   (804)241-4070 Cell
                     Text messages welcomed up to 10 pm.

                               Shipping is available for all supplies.
I can ship feed and supplies to you. Take advantage of the box you pick for shipping and fill it up. Shipping is price is done by the size of the box not the weight.
                              Small box shipping is $7.00
                              Med box shipping is $14.00
                              Large box shipping is $18.00




                        I work from my home. No public restrooms.
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New Bird Stand
This is a nice size stand good for all types of birds. Comes on wheels for easy moving.
$45 ea.
Small perch.
Shape it the way you like.
18" long.
$6 ea. in stock
Small rope perch
This rope perch is a little larger in diamiter. Good for Med to Large birds. 18" long.
$6 ea.
Food or Water cup....
This dish is designed to help cut back on the food and water being spilled on the floor. 
Small size is good for parakeets or other small birds.
Medium size is good for cockatiels, conures, lovebirds and other med size birds.
Large size is good for African greys, amazons and similar size birds. 
Small size $5 ea. 2 in stock
Med size $7 ea. 2 in stock
Large size $9 ea. 2 in stock
email me
Metal cup....
This is a easy to use cup. Put the bracket in place  and you can pick the cup up out of it whenever you need to clean it or fill it up.
$4 ea. (2 in stock)
Safety Perch
This is a concrete perch just like the pedi perch except it's not as rough as the pedi perch is. This also has a smooth side that is suppose to be easier on the birds feet.
Ex Sm $6
Sm $8
Md $10
Lg $13
Sand Perch...
This is a simple perch to add to your birds cage. It's coated with sand.
$6 ea. (1 in stock)
Perch Cleaner.....
This is a easy way to clean off your birds perch.
$3 ea.  in stock
Cage Scrub Pad....
This pad is non abrasive and durable for cleaning your birds cage. 
$3 ea. in stock
Safety Pumice Perch
These are made out of type of plastic with a rough texture to it to help with your birds beak and nails. It has a smooth side for the bottom of your birds feet.
Sm $8
Md $10
Lg $13
XLg $16
Tooty Fruity
Bee Pollen perch. Comes in different flavors. 
$8 ea. 
(1 in stock)
Flight Suit and lease
I have a cockatiel size flight suit in stock now. If you want one for your size bird just let me know and I can special order it for you. They run different prices and come in different colors.
$15 for a cockatiel size one
$8 for the Anchor line
       In stock.
Different sizes available
Treat Clips
Two different styles of treat clips. Two clips per package. 
$3 ea. package (in stock)
Hand Feeding formula
This is the name brand that I use to hand feed all of my baby birds. If you want to hand feed this is the formula you will need to get.
$6 ea. in stock
This is the syringe that you will need to hand feed your bird. This is a 12 cc syringe.
$2 ea. in stock
Digital Thermometer
When it comes to taking care of young birds it's very important to have the formula at the right temperature along with having the right temperature in the tank or cage your keeping your pet in. 
$8 (1 in stock)
Tropical Cuttlebone
This fruit medley is rich in calcium and minerals. Good source for your birds development.
$3 ea. in stock
Millet Holder
This will hold a string of the millet.
$3 ea. in stock
Small and Large Tanks
Depending on how young your bird is you might need to place the bird in a tank to be able to keep the little one warmer and away from drafts. Or maybe you want to use these tanks for other reasons.
Small is $10 ea. in stock
Large is $15 ea. in stock
Millet Holder
This style of holder you just lay the millet in it and the birds will get up on the perch to each the seeds. Helps to stop wasting millet.
$5 ea. (sold out)
Cuttlebone Holder
This holder does a good job and holding different size cuttlebones.
$4 ea. in stock
Cuttlebone Holder....
This is a easy way to hang your cuttlebone in your birds cage. It even has a perch that the bird can sit on while peaking at the cuttlebone. Then the dust from the cuttlebone is caught in the bottom of this holder. So it will be less of a mess.
$5 ea. in stock
Beak Conditioner.
This is good for your bird to peck at and it helps to keep your birds beak trimmed.
$3 ea.
This is the type of vitamins that I use on my birds. Very good stuff just add it to your birds water.
$27 ea. 1 in stock
I use this type of calcium for my birds. This is added to the birds drinking water. This is good for female birds that are laying.
$17 ea.
This is another good type of vitamins. Just add it to the water.
$8 ea. in stock
Skin Care....
This helps with the feathers to keep them bright and beautiful. It helps during the time of a birds molt.
$4 ea. sold out
New item...
Small snuggies. Good size for parakeets.
Comes in 6 styles to choose from
$9 ea.
Jungle Canopy swing
This is a fancy swing with a canopy over top of it. The bird can snuggle up inside of this. Most birds love to sleep on their perch so with this canopy swing it has a perch to it the bird should really enjoy sleeping in it. This comes in 3 different sizes and the different designs come on them. 
Small size is 5" perch $9 ea. in stock
Medium size is 7" perch $12 ea. in stock
Large size is 9" perch $16 ea. in stock
2 in 1 Cuttlbone and Mineral block.
This has the cuttlbone in the center and the mineral block around it. Coming in two different flavors, berry and banana.
$4 ea. in stock
Wood Perch
A simple wooden perch for small to medium size birds.
$6 (1 in stock)
Hagen Bird Bath
This is for small birds. Finches up to parakeets. Fits most small cage doors. Put just a little water in it and let the birds have fun.
5" x 5" x 5.5"
$6 ea. In stock
Ecotrition Bird Gravel and Oyster Shells.......
Higgins snack attack Mineral Grit.........
This helps out with a healthy digestive system along given your bird the extra calcium that it may need.
$3 ea. In stock
Wooden Perches..
Come in a lot of different sizes.
Prices vary depending on size that you want.
Starting price $7 up to $12
Four way Rope Perch
Twist the ropes anyway you want to go and have a blast changing your bird cage around as much as you like. Bird enjoy getting on these perches.
$9 ea. sold out
Cozy Hideout
This hideout is ideal. Extremely soft and cozy ,  it has fun and entertaining pieces hanging from it for the bird to enjoy. 
Small size $15 (CH-01)
Large size $18 (CH-02)
Bird Supplies
Reversible Hut
This fancy hut can be reversed meaning the fancy print can be on the inside and the yellow on the outside. This is a medium size hut.
$12 Sold out
Naturals Hideaway 
This is a new item for me to carry. I really think a small size bird would really enjoy playing inside of this hideaway.
$9 ea. (2 in stock)
Quick Lock 20 oz cups
Good for food or water for your birds. Comes in different colors. 
$7 ea. in stock
Bird Bath 
This is a good size for small or medium size birds. You only put about a inch or less of water in the dish and then let them have at it. Easy mount to cage.
$9 2 in stock
Quick Lock 10 oz cups
(I can't remember if they're 10 oz. I know they're smaller than the 20 oz. I will look at them again if I don't forget)
These two are in stock.
$6 ea.
New item
New Items.....
Higgins snack attack......
Fruit & Veggie Mix ........
Proteen Egg Food....
$3 ea. in stock
Kaytee Fiesta
Yogurt dipped Mango flavored treats.Good for med to large birds.
$4 ea. (1 in stock)
Fiesta Treats
Yogurt Dipped strawberry and banana treats. Good for small to med size birds.
$4 ea.(1 in stock)
Poop Off Wipes
Easy to use wipes when you need to clean up after your bird.
$7 ea. 1 in stock
Seed Guard for small cages
3 different styles to pick from. 
Fits up to a 62" small cage.
$8 ea. (3 in stock)
Seed Catcher..
Comes in two different sizes.
$3 small size in stock
Parrot Arm Perch
This is a awesome arm cover for when your bird is perched on your arm. Helps so you don't get scratched or the toe nail dig into your arm. Easy to adjust to your arm.
$15 (1 in stock)
Large Rope Perch
32" long and you can twist it anyway you like. Having fun changing your ideas around your bird will love it.
$7 ea. in stock
Best Seller...
Branch Perches
Good for small to med size birds. Price vary's in the sizes.
Starting around 
$6 and up to $12 
Top of Cage Perches.
These perches are designed to put on top of your cage to help you create your own idea of a playtop of whatever you come up with.
$8 (1 in stock)
Wood perches..
Birds really love the natural wood perches with the crazy shape they come in. Prices vary depending on size.
Starting around $7 and up
Vine Perches...
Vine perches are a lot of fun. They come in crazy shapes and your bird will have a blast climbing on them. Now keep in mind with these crazy shapes you don't always have to put them inside your cage. Hook them on the outside or even on top of the cage. Use your imagination.
Prices vary on sizes. Starting price $6 up to $15
Small wooden perches
These are a lot smaller of a perch. Perfect for small birds.
Prices about $6
Honeycombed shaped Perches
These come in crazy shapes as well. Good for small to med size birds. 
Prices start out at $7 and go up.
6 in 1 Percher
This one perch can be made into each one of those shapes. Easy to carry the stand from room to room.
Sale $10 ea. In stock
Portable Play ground
Very colorful play ground for your bird to enjoy. Serveral areas that your bird can perch on or swing. Also has a labber for your bird to climb. The type of floor it has helps with a easy clean up.
$20 (1 in stock)
New Item...
Small plastic wood looking perches. Perfect for small carrier cages. This is for small birds.
$1 ea. (12 in stock)
Bird Feed.
I mix my own feed and in doing so I can add a lot of good nutritional seeds, egg food and fruits / veggies. I can sell you my mix by quart size bags or gal size bags. It's all in what your looking for. This can also be shipped very easily to you. Let me know if your interested in purchasing some feed.