Welcome to Sissy's Bird Colony, LLC. You might be wondering about the name of my business. Sissy is my nickname. My brother always called me that, short for sister. Now that I'm all grown up the name just stuck with me.
I've always had a love for animals. As a young child my dad and I raised a variety of different birds, like: Bantam Chickens, Turkeys, Quail, Pheasants, Chukar Partridge, Ducks, Geese, Ringneck Doves, Fantail Pigeons and a lot more. My dad really taught me a lot about birds. We had a blast taking some of these birds to shows and we did some traveling to get to some of them. Winning trophies and ribbons as a young child was very exciting. Now that I've gotten older I still love raising different kinds of birds. I've passed the excitement down to my children on showing birds.  And boy do they love winning, especially if they beat me.  That puts a smile on my face to see that smile on theirs. My dad still gives me a lot of advice on different things and I thank him for everything I've learned. I take really good care of all of my animals.  Maybe too much care. I always make sure they have the best food. I mix a lot of the food myself. Fresh water and anything else that they need. My buildings have it all, from a/c to heat, running water, refrigerator,and wall to wall carpet. I've even added some of my art work to the walls and ceiling of one building. I love to paint and this was something I can add my special touch too.  Right now I have over 250 birds.  This is a lot of work for one person to do, but I love it.  This is the list of birds that I raise right now:

Ringneck Doves and Diamond Doves.

Parlor Rollers. (Looking into selling out. Need to down size)

Parakeets, Budgie, Indian Ringneck Parakeet (blue, lacewing, lutino, green and pallid), Scarlet Chested Parakeet, Bourke, Red Rumps (Opaline and Cinnamon), Parrotlets, Monk (Quaker) Parakeet (Green) and Alexandrine.


Albino, Lutino, Cinnamon, White face, Yellowcheeks, Pearls and Pied's.

Green Cheek Conures (Yellowside, Normals and Pineapple) and Sun Conures. 

Blue Headed.

Congo African Grey's

Macaw's (Greenwing and blue & gold)

New to the Family:
Cockatoo (not being bred)

Once in a while I will take a small brake and go drag racing. My husband and I both love running our
1970 SS Chevelle.  We will make time to be at every Super Chevy Show in VA.  I even got my picture in the Super Chevy magazine in the Aug 2010 issue, vol 39. Page 129. There are a few other pictures in there too of my husband running the car. It's a lot of fun. In 2013 be made editors choice award in the super Chevy magazine. The pictures below are of me running the car.

Becoming a customer,  I will offer you: My friendship to start with then I will give you more information on the bird your interested in than you would get from a pet shop. To start out  you will need to set up an appointment with me. I really need for you to show up on the time that your appointment is for. Showing up too early I might not be totally ready for you or you might be coming in on someone else's appointment. I want to give you my total attention on an appointment and not try to share it with too many appointments at once.  I normally take a hour before your appointment to try and get everything ready for you. Each appointment is set up for an hour session and can go longer as long as another appointment isn't coming in.  I have a problem with talking too much and birds are my favorite subject. Some birds will come with a folder full of different information (hatch certificates, some flyers, DNA certificate if one was done on your bird). If your wanting to buy a bird that is still being hand fed. I offer a hand feeding class that last about 15 min's. In this class I will explain everything that you will need and show you how to handle your bird while being hand fed. I will also sell you the formula and syringe that's needed. After the class if I feel that your not totally comfortable with it then I will suggest waiting until the bird is a little older or weaned before you take the bird home. Hand feeding is not hard to do at all. But I can understand someone that has never done it before getting nervous and can feel uncomfortable about it. I'm here for you all you have to do is give me a call if you have any questions. Make sure to ask me anything you can think of before you leave because once you leave this bird is your responsibility to take care of. When you leave from here you will be satisfied with all the information I have given you. 

Take a look at the New cages and supplies that I have to offer.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope I can help you find the perfect pet and supplies that you need.

                                                           Open 7 Days a Week.  
                                                           By Appointments Only!!
Winter appointments: All appointments will be met in the garage. Being that winter is here the garage can be a little chilly. I will do my best to get some heat in there for you with the wood stove and portable heater. Just make sure you dress for the weather and you will be fine. When the sun comes up it starts to heat the garage and when the sun goes down it starts to get cool. You might want to set up your appointment during those hours. Because the heat will stay in there better between those hours. If your not able to make an appointment during those hours is fine I will set the appointment up that best works for you. I will start to stove up early and it will be nice by the time you arrive. The display tank or cage that the birds are in is heated so you don't need to worry about them. The only time birds are in the garage is for appointments. Also the cage or tank that the bird is in is not what they stay in, that is just for displaying them.

I am hoping that one day I can afford to build a building just for you. This building would be heated and cooled to make it more comfortable for my customers. Everything that's for sale will be there. Oh and it would have a sink, maybe a frig to offer you a cold drink in the summer, oh in the winter I could offer hot cocco. The flores would have carpet and I would have a nice sitting area for you to meet your new pet. Wow what a dream. Without dreams what do you have. So if you have nothing to do and would like to help build this or donate some money for it, that would be awesome. But until then my husbands garage will work as long as customers don't bother his area.

                                          Now excepting cash or credit cards at appointments.
                                                    (If using a credit card there is a 4% charge)
                                                                      Sales Tax is 5.3%
All totals will be rounded to the next dollar so I don't have to worry about keeping small change in my pocket. I consider this my little donation from you. The pocket change will be put towards supplies in folders, paper, printer ink and etc. These items are giving to you in the end anyway. 

Donations are greatly needed around this time of year. My husbands hours have been cut to 4 days a week and he has a week off for Thanksgiving and a week off for Christmas (this is without pay) not to mention my sales are up and down. But the price of the feed is still here every month. Along with the price to heat each one of these buildings. This should be the happiest time of the year but it's always my saddiest. So when your sending out your donations to help others, think of the small businesses like this one. I will never scam you or lie to you. I'm a open book with no hidden pages. I'm very honest in what I do and do not believe in lieing. Thank you and God bless you.

                                                             All appointments are at this Address                   
                                                                        8768 West River Rd.
                                                                          Aylett, VA. 23009               
                                                    Or you can request this Address if closer to you.
                                                     (This location is closed until Spring of 2014)

                                                                          846 Sand Bank Rd.
                                                                        New point, VA. 23125
                                                                    (Delivery charge will apply to this address)
                                                                               (txt available)

                                                             No calls after 8:30 PM Eastern time
                                                         Text Messages welcomed up to 10:00 pm.

                                                                      No Public Restrooms!!

                                                               Aviaries are closed to the Public.
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My Daughter Krystal with our new bird. Blue headed pionus. July 2010
My girls: Krystal and Jessica showing off their winnings.
They're much older now but I still love this picture.
My Dad showing off his champion banner while Krystal is trying to get some of the fame too.
Sissy with a blue headed pionus.
Sissy with a green Cheek conure
Congo African Grey "Orlando"
Sun Conure
I will take in some  rescue birds that need good homes and help them find a forever loving family. I want to help make it easy for people that need to give up their pet and let them know that with me the birds will be well taken care of and loved. Doing all of this is very pricey. So any donations will greatly help. Doing that will also help me to be able to help others. This has always been my life long dream to work with birds and help them find a loving family.
Joey all grown up.
My youngest Daughter Jessica with her tame diamond dove named Diamond.
This is just some of the trophies and ribbons I have won. I have a lot more than this now.
Awesome SALE
on Ringneck Doves
Just some of the Ringneck Doves that's for competition at the State Fair of VA. Sept 2011
Chris Raines (president of the club) just awarded Jessica with a Champion Trophy for her Ringneck Doves. Sept 2011
Miss Jessica is walking away with two Champion trophy's this year. The second trophy she won Champion of the entire show in the Ringneck Doves. Sept 2011
Click on picture
Click on picture
Great Talker !!
Super Chevy Event 2011
Jumped right in the scoop of food. That's one way to get your fill.
Diamond Doves
Click on envelope.
Showing you more of the birds that I have and raise. If you run your mouse over the picture the picture will stop so you can get a better look.

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Ringneck Dove
The worlds smallest parrot.
  Count your       Blessings         not your            worries.
Now this is Tiny.
Newborn Parakeet
Rescued Doves.
Both are being hand fed. The smallest one is a diamond dove that finds sleeping on top of the Ringneck dove is more comfortable. Too Cute.
Something just doesn't seem right?
Where is my motor??? Leave my old man alone and see what happens!