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                                               8768 West River Rd.
                                                  Aylett, VA. 23009

                      About 45 min's from Richmond, VA. Very easy to find.

               No calls after 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

                                   Text messages welcomed up to 10 PM eastern time.


                                     No public Restrooms. 

 Aviary's are closed to the public. The reason for this is because my birds are scared of strangers.  Another words when they are on the nest and something new happens (like a new person comes in) it can scare the birds to brake eggs or abandon the young. 

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I want to thank everyone that has bought birds and supplies from me. 

I love caring for my birds it's so rewarding to see how happy birds can be and how excited they get when you walk in the room. On some occasions I've been called in to rescue birds that have been in bad situations. When I take in rescue birds they will get their own heated or AC building. Having cages ready for them along with having the right types of food available and not to mention the vet care that's needed. It takes a long time to help a bird to recover from some situations and some I've been able to find them forever loving homes. Others just live the remaining time here. If your interested in giving your support in helping out with a Donation all 100% of that will go to the care of these birds. 
Thank you for your donations and God Bless each and every one.
Suggestions on what you will need when buying a Diamond Dove:
Cage size 24" x 16" x 16" or larger
Food: Finch mix
Grit mix with crushed oyster shells and bird charcoal
Fresh water. They can learn to drink out of water bottles.
Canaries or finch nest basket. Open top. 
Spray millet for treats
Swing or any other items you want to put in the cage.
Place news paper on bottom of cage.
 Items you can put over your newspaper to make it look better: pine shavings, dried corn cob or crushed almond shells. 
Sexing Diamond Doves sometimes can be hard. Especially if they are young. 
      I sell new and used cages. 
Food and supplies also available.
Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow.
Diamond Dove Color Chart:
Blue White Tail
Wild / Normal
Cinnamon White tail
Blue White Rump
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as Doves,
Matthew 10:16
 Gift Certificates 
are now available.
Sissy's Bird Colony
Sissy's Bird Colony
Sissy's Bird Colony
Sissy's Bird Colony
Sissy's Bird Colony
Sissy's Bird Colony
Diamond Doves
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Aylett, VA 23009
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This page was last updated: January 21, 2019
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Shipping is available when the weather is right.  I will not ship if it's too Cold or too hot.
At this time I'm not raising any Diamond Doves. I still have some I just haven't been trying to breed them due to being caught up with other types of birds that takes up a lot of my time. As soon as I start breeding again I will post an update.