This is Tommy my Best Friend.  We have been friends since child hood. We lost contact with each other for over 15 yr's. I found him on facebook in 2009. I'm glad that we found each other again. He's like a brother to me.  I told him all about my bird business and he told me about the bad luck he has had with buying birds. Once he saw my birds he was ready to get a cockatiel, but he couldn't decide so he got two. Since he's had them he has taught them all kinds of whistles. They are very spoiled little birds. I want to thank Sue (a lady that has bought birds from me and told me that it would be good advertisement to get on facebook).  She's a Angel to me.  A very kind lady that I love talking too.
This is my youngest daughter Jessica with her little bird Diamond (Diamond Dove). Now Jessica has a love for all birds.  There isn't a baby bird yet that I have brought in to hand feed that she doesn't take the time to play with. She will even go out in my buildings and find any baby bird, sit down and love on them. That's one thing I never worry about is birds getting enough love when Jessica is around. I normally do not hand raise diamond doves. But this little bird is a different story. The little bird fell from the nest when only 4 days old and the parents wouldn't take care of the baby. Diamond dove babies are very small. So when I saw this little bird I really didn't have much hope for her. I tried to hide this little one from Jessica because I didn't want her to get upset if this little bird passed away. That's something she doesn't understand. While caring for this little bird I noticed she had a broken toe, a very tiny broken toe.  Well, my daughter with her gift of finding baby birds found this little one. I knew she would fall in love with this little bird. She saw the broken toe and asked me to fix it. I told her I wasn't sure that I could because the toe was so tiny. She begged and helped me get the stuff. Well, I did it. The toe was set. Jessica gave this little bird so much love that I believe that is what kept this bird alive. Again to my surprise this bird was living and growing up. Jessica wanted this bird so bad to keep in her room. You know if anyone deserved this little bird it was defiantly her. With all that love and standing by me to care for the little one that's what kept this bird alive. Now the story doesn't stop there. Jessica loved this bird so much that she talked me into another diamond dove. A boy, named Robert. Cause you know Diamond needs a boy friend.  Robert wasn't hand raised but she tamed that bird just as well. Jessica has loved raising babies off of these two birds. I let her sell her own babies and the money is all hers. So if your looking for a diamond dove, check to see if she has one first. I love the smile on her face when she sells her own birds. She wants to be just like Mom. Not only does Jessica raise her Diamond Doves I will let her once or twice a year raise some baby chicks (Bantams). When she sells her baby chicks they are very tame.
This is Christina with her new bird Bella (Cockatiel). A friend of Christina's (Kristy, picture above) had bought birds from me plenty of times before and had suggested to her to get a bird from me. She came to my house and knew right away that this is the bird she wanted.  She also bought a cage. She is planning on getting more birds from me in the future. June 2010. Bought a Green Quaker in July 2010.
This is a touching little story about a family that changed a birds life. This little bird is a green cheek conure that I had rescued. The poor little guy had a lot of disability's. He has problems with both of his legs and both wings. He also has some problems with his jaw.  Now to look at this bird you really wouldn't see any problems with him until you got up close and paid attention.  Not really knowing what I was going to do with this bird.  A lady had got in touch with me looking for a green cheek. At that time I didn't have any for sale. I told her about this little one and she had to have it.  She came and picked up this bird.  That same night she e-mailed me telling me that the bird is tame. This I didn't know. The bird came out of the cage and just started eating right away out of her hand. After that the bird went to Megan and up on her should the bird went. Loves to play with her hair. These two love to hang out together. The bird is crazy over this family. I am very happy to find the love in this family that wanted to share with this little bird. Now I know this bird is very happy. May 2010
I shipped this cockatiel by Delta to Taylor. Taylor has really enjoyed this little bird along with the rest of the family. She named her Abie. Abie is fun to have around, very comical.  These two are inseparable. I think Taylor and Abie are perfect for one another. Thank you Taylor for giving this little bird the love and attention she needs. 09'
This is my first Zebra Finch that I hand raised. I named this little guy Tink. I have to admit it was really hard selling this little guy. He is so funny with the little things he does. After talking to Nat, I knew she was going to be the perfect person for Tink. I shipped him out to New Jersey. I cried like a baby when I did.  But that's OK. Nat has giving this bird more love and attention than I could. She stays in touch with me telling the different things this little guy has done. It always brings a smile to my face. Nat has put in her request for 3 more little zebra finches that I have just weaned. She is so excited on getting them. I will be sending them out in the next week or two. Tink was bought back in March of 09'. The babies will go out June of 2010.
This is Gracie and her Brother. Their Grandmother bought some parakeets from me and started raising some herself. The kids have really enjoyed learning about the birds and playing with all the babies.  08'
Kristy and her birds. So far she has bought 6 cockatiels, one Indian Ringneck, and supplies.  Her and her boyfriend, Donald loves all of their birds. They give the birds plenty of love and attention.  They enjoy coming to my house and looking at all the birds. They said they will only buy birds from me. They are truly one of my best customers. I'm about the most honest person you will ever find in a breeder. 09', and 10'.
Little Miss Kaitlin with her beautiful little parakeet. The Grandmother came to my house looking for a pet bird for her Granddaughter. This was the perfect match for this little girl. She enjoys walking around with this little bird. 09'
Trina bought some Diamond Doves and Ringneck Doves from me. Her and her husband love my set up. She is a very open person and tells everyone how wonderful my birds are. Very nice lady that takes really good care of her birds. She stays in touch with me letting me know how the birds are doing. 09'
I want to thank everyone that has bought  birds and supplies from me. When you buy a bird you are helping me to carry on this dream I have. I want people to find what they are looking for in a bird and for everyone to be happy. This hobby gets expensive but with your help I can help others. All money and donations goes back to the birds for their needs. Thanks again and God Bless each and every one of you.
Happy Customers, My Friends...
Jessica holding a baby Diamond dove. Picture is zoomed in so you can see this little one.
This is a picture that a customer sent me. He had bought a pair of Ringneck doves from me. Has raised two babies and the Mom is on the nest again.
A picture of two baby Diamond Doves that a customer sent me. They bought the parents from me.
A Lady sent me this picture of her Ringneck Dove that she bought from me. This bird loves to sit by her hand while she is on the computer. Very spoiled little bird.
Sept. 8, 2011
Subject: Ecstatically Happy Customer!!
Message: I bought a hand-fed Quaker Parrot from Sissy and I am ecstatically happy! I LOVE my bird! I bought a travel cage so I can take it when I travel when I go on vacation. The bird goes where I go! Getting up every morning and taking the cover off the cage an saying "hello" brightens my day! I am so fortunate I found Sissy. She knows so much about the birds and loves them. She is the ONLY one I will trust to buy the supplies for my bird or clip her wings (we don't know male or female, so we say "she"! lol) Looking forward to doing my business with her!
Name: Betty
This little girl was having a blast with the cockatiel that was purchased from me.  The cockatiel is well trained and very sweet.
This just shows you how easy it is to tame a Ringneck Dove. This Lady is very pleased with the birds she got from me.
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Truly happy with their new Green Cheek Conure. Very sweet and loving.  Green Cheeks are full of entertainment as these people found out. Keeping smiles on their faces. 2011
She loves her Ringneck Dove.
Amazing how tame they can really get. 2011
I was so excited to find Sissy's Bird Colony. My parakeet Sunnii died after 9 1/2 years and I was trying to find someone who bred hand feed parakeets in my area. All I could find were parakeets offered in pet stores, but they were not hand raised. So I began my search on the computer for a good breeder, and that's when I found Sissy's Bird Colony!!! The thing that really touched my heart is when I read about her and the passion she has for her birds. Sissy has really been so kind, helpful and such a blessing through out the process of getting my bird. If you are looking to get a quality bird look no further, Sissy's Bird Colony is the place to buy from!! After my parakeet arrived I was so impressed at how tame and loving he was from the start!! Right away he wanted to set on my finger, and everyday since then he has just bonded more with me!! I look forward to watching him learn and grow in the days ahead!!! Thank you again Sissy so much for everything!! Jingle really is such a sweet bird!! I hope that you will keep in business for years to come, because you are the best..and I mean that with all my heart!! I've been so impressed with jingle that I have been thinking about maybe some time when I save up some extra money getting another ..would love a blue one or even green !! For now though I am really loving my sweet Jingle !! Sincerely, Catherine:) Jan 11, 2013
Dillon and Tori are enjoying their new cockatiels Rocky and Rosey!!
We are thoroughly enjoying Rocky and Rosey. They're so tame and friendly, it makes it so much easier for the grandchildren to work and play with them every day. They're such a blessing. We're so glad that we found you! We all thank you again!